Universal Jobmatch was an online job search service provided by the UK government's Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) through which jobseekers could search for job vacancies and employers could advertise their vacancies. However, the service was closed in 2018 and replaced by the Find a job service, which addressed some of the issues that had been identified with Universal Jobmatch.

So what exactly is wrong with Universal Jobmatch?

Some of the issues that were identified with Universal Jobmatch included:

Fraudulent job adverts: There were a number of cases where fraudulent job adverts were posted on the site, which led to jobseekers being scammed or exposed to potential dangers.

Poor quality job adverts: Many of the job adverts on Universal Jobmatch were of poor quality, with little information about the job or the employer, which made it difficult for jobseekers to assess whether the job was suitable for them.

Inaccurate job search results: Some jobseekers reported that the search results on the site were inaccurate or irrelevant, which made it difficult for them to find suitable job vacancies.

Technical issues: There were also technical issues with the site, such as slow loading times and problems with registering and logging in, which caused frustration and hindered jobseekers' ability to use the service effectively.

Overall, these issues led to a lack of trust in the service among both jobseekers and employers, and contributed to its eventual replacement by the Find a job service.