Universal Credit will replace Jobseeker’s Allowance, Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support. By moving to a single social security benefit, Universal Credit will bring fairness and simplicity to the British social security system.

What is Universal Credit?

Due to issues with the rollout, the change over to Universal Credit in on-going and benefits claimants are still being put on Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance and other means-tested benefits and tax credits. Despite the teething problems with the rollout, government research claims that “Universal Credit claimants find work quicker, stay in work longer and earn more than the Jobseekers’ Allowance claimants”.

Why should you register for a Universal Jobmatch account?

There are many advantages to registering for a Universal Jobmatch account.

  • Create your “profile”. The details on your profile will help match you to job opportunities. Your profile information will also make it easier if you use “CV Builder” to create your C.V.
  • You can build your CV using the CV Builder or upload CVs to your profile. You can upload up to 5 different CVs to use when applying for jobs using Universal Jobmatch.
  • Create a public CV. Your CV will be searchable by employers looking for candidates. When your C.V. gets matched to a job, you’ll receive an invitation to apply. (The profile search doesn’t reveal your name, or personal details to the employer).
  • Create and save your job searches. You can also set up daily or weekly email updates. With new job listings that match your saved job searches.
  • As well as saving 5 C.V.s, you can also save up to 5 cover letters to use when applying for jobs using Universal Jobmatch
  • Your Universal Jobmatch profile keeps a record of job searches and job applications. Are claiming JSA (Jobseekers Allowance)? Use Universal Jobmatch to discuss job search activity with your advisor.