You may be one of many people not receiving the benefits entitled to people who are not aware of what is available. Did you know that each year, £16.8 billion pounds of Government aid goes unclaimed Aside from Government benefits there are over 3500 grants available too. This website shows you simple ways to find out every benefit entitled to.

Have you ever asked yourself, What Benefits Am I Entitled To?

Firstly, If you ever find yourself suddenly out of work, you need to telephone your nearest jobcentre on the first morning of unemployment. You start receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance from the day of that telephone call; not when you first visit the office. The telephone number to make a claim is 0800 055 6688. Of course, once you are in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance (which is approximately £128 a fortnight) you will be entitled to other benefits such as full council tax rebate and up to 100% of your rent paid (housing benefit). There are caps on the amount of rent that will be financed however. You will not have much joy claiming for a penthouse in the Docklands! But in London, you can claim around £120 a week for your rent each week.

When applying for Jobseekers Allowance, asked to be sent a Council Tax and Housing Benefit application form. Council tax is usually paid as a discounted council tax where as housing benefit is usually paid directly into the claimant’s account.

If you are claiming JSA, you will also be entitled to free NHS dental checkups as well as vital treatments such as filings; exemption from prescription charges (£7.20 in England) and half price travel in London (after 13 weeks of claiming JSA).