Universal Credit is a vital benefit that provides financial support to individuals and families in need. It is designed to help cover living expenses, housing costs, and other essential needs. In order to ensure that the value of Universal Credit keeps up with inflation and the rising cost of living, the government regularly reviews and adjusts the payment rates.

Starting from April, claimants will experience a significant increase of 10.1% in their Universal Credit payments. This adjustment aims to provide additional support to those who rely on this benefit to make ends meet. The increase will apply to various types of Universal Credit payments, including the minimum amount and standard allowances.

Universal Credit Monthly Rates for 2023/2024

Minimum Amount

Universal Credit Minimum Amount Rates 2022/23 (£) Rates 2023/24 (£)

Universal Credit Minimum Amount 0.01 0.01

Standard Allowance


Universal Credit Amounts Rates 2022/23 (£) Rates 2023/24 (£)

Single under 25 265.31 292.11

Single 25 or over 334.91 368.74


Universal Credit Amounts Rates 2022/23 (£) Rates 2023/24 (£)

Joint claimants both under 25 416.45 458.51

Joint claimants, one or both 25 or over 525.72 578.82

These updated rates reflect the government's commitment to ensuring that individuals and families who rely on Universal Credit receive adequate support. The increase in payments will help alleviate some of the financial pressures faced by claimants and enable them to better meet their living expenses.

It is important to note that Universal Credit is means-tested, meaning that the amount received may vary depending on individual circumstances such as income, housing costs, and family size. Claimants are encouraged to stay informed about any changes to the benefit and regularly update their information to ensure they receive the correct amount of support.

Universal Credit plays a crucial role in providing a safety net for those in need, and the increase in payments demonstrates the government's commitment to supporting vulnerable individuals and families. By keeping up with the rising cost of living, Universal Credit aims to provide a lifeline to those who require financial assistance during challenging times.