Thousands set to lose disability benefits

Half a million people are set to lose disability benefits as the Government pushes ahead with plans to rid the system of abuse and fraud, Iain Duncan Smith says.


this is 1 mums story

Iv just found out iv lost this for my young son.
I wont go into what hes got wrong with him, but he neeeds care through the night as wel as day.And is incontinent amongs other things.
Anyways i was reading this article and halfway down the page it said the changes wouldnt affect children, and its a big fat lie,
iv been geting high rate care for him for most of his life and he wont be geting better at any point in the future, They have point blank said no cant have it.
And they never even sent anyone to do a medical nothing,
iv been reading other forums and lots of genuine familys with children with disabilitys have now been turned down, its discusting, i agree the fraudsters should be weened out and stoped from geting dla.
But not sick children who need care with a disability they were born with and cant be cured.and need care.


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