Preston Jobcentre Plus
Preston Jobcentre Plus

Preston Jobcentre Plus jobs, benefits info and employment opportunities in the city of Preston, Lancashire, UK. It offers a range of services to jobseekers, including job searching assistance, career advice, and training opportunities. Additionally, Preston Jobcentre Plus provides support to employers by helping them find suitable candidates for job vacancies, offering advice on employment law, and providing information on government schemes such as the Job Retention Scheme. The office is staffed by trained advisors who are available to assist individuals with their job search and provide support throughout the job application process.

Preston DWP Jobcentre Plus Office Information

The Preston Jobcentre Plus office provides a range of services and support to individuals who are looking for work or require financial assistance. Some of the services offered at this office include job search support, career advice, help with CVs and job applications, information on training and education opportunities, and assistance with benefits and welfare payments. Additionally, the office can provide support to employers who are looking to recruit staff, including advice on job vacancies and recruitment schemes. The team at Preston Jobcentre Plus is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their employment goals and create a positive impact in the local community.

Find Jobs & Benefits In Preston

There are several ways to find jobs and benefits in and around the Preston area

  • Jobcentre Plus: The Preston Jobcentre Plus office provides a range of services to help job seekers find work, including job search support, CV writing assistance, and access to training opportunities. They can also help with claiming benefits if you are unemployed or on a low income.
  • Local job boards: There are several job boards specific to the Preston area, such as Lancashire Job Search and Indeed. These websites allow you to search for local jobs based on your skills and experience.
  • Recruitment agencies: There are several recruitment agencies in Preston that can help you find work in your desired field. They often have access to job opportunities that are not advertised on job boards.
  • Council websites: The Preston City Council website has a dedicated jobs section where you can search for current vacancies within the council and with partner organizations.
  • Networking: Attend local events and job fairs to meet employers and network with other job seekers. You may also consider joining professional groups or organizations in your industry to expand your network.
  • It's important to use a combination of these methods to increase your chances of finding a job or accessing benefits in Preston.

Preston Jobcentre Plus Office, find local Direct Gov DWP Office, addresses telephone number contact details including phone numbers, maps, jobs, and directions to find a job at your nearest local Cumbria DWP JCP Office

Preston Jobcentre Plus Address

The Preston Jobcentre Plus Office is located at:

Gateway House
200 Ringway
United Kingdom

The office provides various services related to employment and benefits, including job search support, guidance on benefits and financial support, and assistance with creating CVs and preparing for interviews. They also offer access to computers and telephones for job seekers to use in their job search. To find out more information about the services provided, you can contact the office directly using the phone number for the Preston Jobcentre Plus Office, which is 0800 169 0190.

Preston Jobcentre Plus Telephone Numbers

Here are the telephone numbers for the Preston Jobcentre Plus office:

New claims: 0800 169 0310
Existing claims: 0800 169 0190
Universal Credit: 0800 328 5644
Bereavement Service: 0800 731 0469
Access to Work: 0800 121 7479
Jobseeker’s Allowance and Income Support: 0800 169 0310
Employment and Support Allowance: 0800 169 0310
Personal Independence Payment: 0800 917 2222
Social Fund: 0800 169 0140

Exploring Employment Opportunities in Preston, Lancashire, UK

Looking for exciting employment opportunities in Preston, Lancashire, UK? You've come to the right place! This blog post will delve into the various industries and job prospects available in this vibrant city.

The Thriving Industries of Preston

Preston boasts a diverse economy with several thriving industries. One of the key sectors is manufacturing, with numerous companies specializing in engineering, aerospace, and automotive production. These industries offer a wide range of job opportunities, from skilled technicians to managerial roles.

Additionally, the city has a strong presence in the digital and creative sector. With its growing reputation as a hub for innovation, Preston is attracting tech startups and creative agencies. If you have a passion for design, programming, or digital marketing, you'll find plenty of employment prospects in this field.

Furthermore, Preston has a rich heritage in healthcare and education. The city is home to reputable hospitals, medical research centers, and educational institutions. Whether you're a healthcare professional or an educator, you'll find rewarding career options in these sectors.

Job Prospects in Preston

Now that we've explored the thriving industries in Preston, let's take a closer look at the job prospects within these sectors.


If you're interested in the manufacturing industry, Preston offers a plethora of opportunities. From assembly line workers to quality control specialists, there are roles available for individuals with various skill sets. With the city's proximity to major transportation networks, many manufacturing companies have established their operations here, providing a steady stream of employment opportunities.

Digital and Creative

Preston's digital and creative sector is rapidly expanding, creating a demand for talented individuals. Whether you're a web developer, graphic designer, or social media strategist, there are numerous agencies and startups that are seeking your expertise. The city's collaborative and supportive environment makes it an ideal place to kickstart your career in the digital realm.

Healthcare and Education

For those passionate about healthcare or education, Preston offers a range of rewarding job prospects. The city's hospitals and medical centers are constantly looking for dedicated healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and support staff. In the education sector, there are opportunities for teachers, administrators, and researchers in both schools and universities.

Unlocking Your Potential in Preston

With its diverse industries and abundance of job prospects, Preston is an ideal city to unlock your potential. Whether you're a recent graduate looking to start your career or an experienced professional seeking new challenges, this vibrant city has something to offer for everyone.

By leveraging the opportunities available in Preston, you can build a successful and fulfilling career. The city's supportive business community, coupled with its rich cultural heritage, creates an environment that fosters growth and innovation.

So, if you're ready to embark on an exciting employment journey, consider exploring the diverse range of opportunities in Preston, Lancashire, UK. You'll be amazed at the possibilities that await you in this thriving city!

Advertise a Job vacancy Online At Your Local Jobcentre Plus

Advertising a Job vacancy Online At Your Local Jobcentre Plus is easy. Call your local Jobcentre plus office and get Information for employers looking to advertise a job vacancy online. Post A Job Online at the Jobcentre plus your local DWP office anywhere in the UK

Jobcentre Opening & Closing Times

DWP Jobcentre Plus is normally open from

  • Jobcentre opening hours are from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday till Friday
  • Crisis Loan telephone lines are open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Monday till Friday
  • Contact Centres are open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Monday till Friday

These are the normal Jobcentre opening hours for most DWP jobcentres in the UK.

If You need to cancel or change an appointment at your local DWP Jobcentre Plus Office you may only contact them during normal business hours.

Cancel Or Change A Jobcentre Appointment

Cancel Or Change An Appointment At The DWP Jobcentre Plus

You can contact Jobcentre Plus about new benefit claims, existing benefit claims and changing or canceling an appointment. Find out about the benefits and Jobs. To cancel or amend your appointments with the dwp, you can use the phone numbers below

The telephone number to cancel or change other Jobcentre appointments is 0800 169 0190.

The textphone number to cancel or change other Jobcentre appointments is 0800 169 0314.

The NGT text relay number to cancel or change other Jobcentre appointments is 18001 then0800 169 0190.

The Welsh language phone number to cancel or change other Jobcentre appointments is 0800 169 0207.

The phone numbers to change and cancel other Jobcentre appointments is available Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Jobcentre Telephone Numbers

If you need to contact your local Jobcentre you can use the telephone numbers below

Telephone Jobcentre Plus for free by calling the DWP freephone contact number 0800 055 6688 to discuss Jobs & Benefits, job vacancies, or to make a new Universal Credit claim.

Jobcentre Plus Telephone numbers and address. Find the Jobcentre contact details for new claims and existing benefits claims.

Employers can also call the Jobcentre plus to post a job advert online, it's a quick, easy and effective way to find new staff fast.