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Portobello Jobcentre Plus is a government agency that provides various services related to employment and benefits. They assist individuals in making new benefit claims, scheduling and canceling jobcentre appointments, and accessing support services. If you are in need of their assistance, you can easily reach out to them using the contact information provided below.

Contact Information

Portobello Jobcentre Plus Address

21-23 Windsor Place
United Kingdom
EH15 2AF

Phone Number

Tel: 0131 456 4800

Services Offered

Benefit Claims

If you are eligible for government benefits and wish to make a new claim, Portobello Jobcentre Plus can guide you through the process. They will provide you with the necessary information and support to ensure a smooth application.

Jobcentre Appointments and Cancellations

Portobello Jobcentre Plus understands the importance of managing jobcentre appointments. Whether you need to schedule a new appointment or cancel an existing one, their staff is ready to assist you. They will help you find a suitable time and date for your visit or make necessary adjustments to your existing appointment.

Benefits and Support Services

Portobello Jobcentre Plus offers a range of support services to help individuals navigate through various challenges. Whether you need assistance with finding suitable employment opportunities, accessing training programs, or exploring other support options, their dedicated team is there to provide guidance and support.

By contacting Portobello Jobcentre Plus, you can access the services and support you need to enhance your employment prospects and improve your overall well-being.

Jobcentre Opening & Closing Times

DWP Jobcentre Plus is normally open from

  • Jobcentre opening hours are from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday till Friday
  • Crisis Loan telephone lines are open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Monday till Friday
  • Contact Centres are open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Monday till Friday

These are the normal Jobcentre opening hours for most DWP jobcentres in the UK.

If You need to cancel or change an appointment at your local DWP Jobcentre Plus Office you may only contact them during normal business hours.

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What You Can Do At The Jobcentre Plus

Things You Can Do To Find A Job At The Jobcentre Plus

At your local Jobcentre, they can deal with all your claims for Jobseeker's Allowance, Universal Credit, Incapacity Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance, and Income Support. You can also apply for jobs using the new Find A Job service or you may need to contact a local adult education provider to find out about the free training courses that may be available in the United Kingdom. Find your nearest Jobcentre below, opening hours address phone numbers directions & Jobs.


Jobcentre Telephone Numbers

If you need to contact your local Jobcentre you can use the telephone numbers below

Telephone Jobcentre Plus for free by calling the DWP freephone contact number 0800 055 6688 to discuss Jobs & Benefits, job vacancies, or to make a new Universal Credit claim.

Jobcentre Plus Telephone numbers and address. Find the Jobcentre contact details for new claims and existing benefits claims.

Employers can also call the Jobcentre plus to post a job advert online, it's a quick, easy and effective way to find new staff fast.