Poole Jobcentre Plus Office

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Poole Jobcentre Plus jobs and office. we provide you with all the essential information you need to know about this office, including the services offered, the address, and contact details. Whether you're seeking employment, financial support, or career guidance, the Poole Jobcentre Plus is here to assist you every step of the way.

Jobs And benefits Services Offered at your local Jobcentre in Poole

At the Poole Jobcentre Plus Office, they are dedicated to providing a wide range of services to support you in your job search. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you with the following:

  • Job vacancies and employment opportunities in the local area: We have access to a comprehensive database of job vacancies and can help match you with suitable employment opportunities.
  • CV and cover letter writing tips: Our experts can provide guidance and advice on creating a compelling CV and cover letter that will impress potential employers.
  • Interview preparation and techniques: We offer valuable insights and strategies to help you prepare for interviews, including tips on answering common interview questions and improving your overall presentation.
  • Information on training and education programs: If you're looking to enhance your skills or explore further education options, we can provide you with information on training programs and educational opportunities in the area.
  • Advice on benefits and financial support: Our team can assist you in understanding the various benefits and financial support options available to you, ensuring you receive the assistance you need.

Their goal is to empower you with the tools and resources necessary to find meaningful employment. they understand that job hunting can be challenging, and are there to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Poole Jobcentre Plus Address

Old Town Market
Dear Hay Lane
BH15 1NZ

Job Centre Number:
Telephone: 0845 604 3719
Textphone: 0845 608 8551

Employment opportunities in Poole Dorset UK

Poole, located in Dorset, UK, is a coastal town known for its tourism, maritime industries, and diverse economy. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Poole offered a range of employment opportunities across various sectors. Keep in mind that the job market may have changed since then, so it's important to check current job listings on websites like Indeed, Reed, Totaljobs, or the official websites of local employers for the most up-to-date information. Here are some sectors and a few potential employers in Poole:

Maritime and Manufacturing:

Sunseeker International: Sunseeker is a renowned luxury yacht manufacturer based in Poole, offering jobs in boatbuilding, engineering, design, and more. Website

Cobham Aerospace: Cobham specializes in aerospace and defense technology, including air-to-air refueling systems. Check their website for job opportunities. Website

Retail and Hospitality:

The tourism industry in Poole provides employment in hotels, restaurants, shops, and attractions. Check local job boards and inquire directly with businesses for vacancies.


Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: Poole Hospital offers various healthcare positions, including doctors, nurses, and support staff. Website


Bournemouth University: Bournemouth University has a campus in Poole and may have academic and administrative job openings. 

Engineering and Technology:

Ultra Electronics: Ultra Electronics specializes in defense, security, and aerospace technology. Check their website for career opportunities. Website

Local Council:

Borough of Poole Council: Check the official website for job vacancies in various departments and public services. Please note that the council may have merged with Bournemouth and Christchurch councils under the name BCP Council. Website


Poole has a range of smaller manufacturing companies that may offer positions in fields like electronics and precision engineering.

Job Search Websites:

Websites like Indeed, Reed, and Totaljobs are valuable resources for finding job listings in Poole and the surrounding area. You can use these platforms to search for specific job roles and set up job alerts.

To find specific job listings and more information about employment opportunities in Poole, visit the websites of the organizations mentioned above or use job search engines. Tailor your search to your skills and interests while regularly checking for updates on these platforms to stay informed about current job openings.

Jobcentre Opening & Closing Times

DWP Jobcentre Plus is normally open from

  • Jobcentre opening hours are from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday till Friday
  • Crisis Loan telephone lines are open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Monday till Friday
  • Contact Centres are open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Monday till Friday

These are the normal Jobcentre opening hours for most DWP jobcentres in the UK.

If You need to cancel or change an appointment at your local DWP Jobcentre Plus Office you may only contact them during normal business hours.

What You Can Do At The Jobcentre Plus

Things You Can Do To Find A Job At The Jobcentre Plus

At your local Jobcentre, they can deal with all your claims for Jobseeker's Allowance, Universal Credit, Incapacity Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance, and Income Support. You can also apply for jobs using the new Find A Job service or you may need to contact a local adult education provider to find out about the free training courses that may be available in the United Kingdom. Find your nearest Jobcentre below, opening hours address phone numbers directions & Jobs.


Jobcentre Telephone Numbers

If you need to contact your local Jobcentre you can use the telephone numbers below

Telephone Jobcentre Plus for free by calling the DWP freephone contact number 0800 055 6688 to discuss Jobs & Benefits, job vacancies, or to make a new Universal Credit claim.

Jobcentre Plus Telephone numbers and address. Find the Jobcentre contact details for new claims and existing benefits claims.

Employers can also call the Jobcentre plus to post a job advert online, it's a quick, easy and effective way to find new staff fast.