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The task of searching for jobs online can usually be a time-consuming job in itself. Not only is it the amount of websites that you have to search through, there is also a vast amount of different types of websites. It is also very important to understand the type of website that you are visiting before uploading your CV or applying for any vacancy. We have tried to catogorise the different types of job websites, Below we have tried to define the sites as broadly as possible and are defined as follows below:

Employers Websites

Employers Websites

How to go about Contacting Employers

Employers often list vacancies on their own websites, although it is often the biggest companies that are more pro-active about this. If you would like to work for a specific company you should take a look at their website for details of any vacancies or to find out the names of the people you can contact to introduce yourself.


How to find a Job

How to find a Job

find a Job.......!

There are various ways how to find a job. The first place to start would be to look in your local jobcentre plus office, they advertise up to date vacancies of all types of employment in your area. See (Job seeker Direct: Tel No: 0845 6060234)

Job boards

Job Boards

job boards are websites that specialise in job vacancy advertising.

Job boards display jobs from many employers and recruitment agencies. The big job boards have vacancies in all sectors and industries, whilst other job boards are dedicated to a particular niche area. When applying for a vacancy on a job board, you will normally have to upload your CV. It is important to check the terms and conditions whilst applying because some job boards make allow other recruitment agencies and employers to view your CV after you have applied for a job.

Job search engines

Job Search Engines

Job search engines are the quickest and easiest way to find job vacancies online.

They gather lists of jobs from many of the big job sites, employers, and recruitment agencies and they allow you to search all the jobs in their lists using a single search. This is much quicker than going to all the individual job websites and performing searches yourself. The job search engines usually have the biggest selection of job vacancies. Job search engines link you to the job vacancy on the job board, agency or employers website.

Online Job Search

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Online Versions of Print Media

Online Versions of Print Media

Other ways to find work

As the title suggests, these websites are the online editions of the local, national, and industry newspapers and magazines you are probably familiar with. These tend to have less job vacancies than the job boards - especially for local or niche industry publications. National publications often focus on high-end corporate vacancies.

Recruitment Agency Websites

Recruitment Agency Websites

Recruitment agencies websites usually list their clients vacancies on their websites. Sometimes they list fictitious vacancies in an attempt to build up their database of candidates, so it's wise to telephone them first and enquire about specific vacancies before submitting your CV.

Search UK Jobs

Search UK Jobs

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