Jobcentre Plus Jobs Search Tool
Jobcentre Plus Jobs Search Tool

You Can Find a job using the latest Job Search Tools at your local Jobcentre plus office. Jobcentre Plus Universal Jobmatch Job Search tool. Jobcentre Plus Jobs Search tool has been replaced by the all-new Universal Jobmatch. Universal Jobmatch is a new job search website launched in November 2012 by the Department of Work and Pensions. To login to universal job match you will need to be registered. But you can still search and apply for jobs without an account. 

Searching for a job at Jobcentre Plus has never been easier.

Jobcentre Plus is a UK government service that helps job seekers find employment. Here are some of the job search tools offered by Jobcentre Plus:

  • Universal Jobmatch: This is an online job board where you can search for job vacancies and apply for jobs. You can create a profile, upload your CV, and set up job alerts to receive notifications of relevant job vacancies.
  • Jobcentre Plus offices: Jobcentre Plus has offices throughout the UK where you can access job search resources and receive support and advice from a Jobcentre Plus advisor.
  • Work and Health Programme: This is a voluntary programme designed to help people with health conditions or disabilities find and maintain employment. It offers support such as coaching, training, and job matching.
  • New Enterprise Allowance: This programme provides financial and mentoring support to people who want to start their own business.
  • Job help and support: Jobcentre Plus provides a range of support and advice services to help job seekers find employment. This includes help with writing CVs and cover letters, interview preparation, and training opportunities.
  • Personal Adviser: A Personal Adviser is assigned to job seekers and provides tailored advice and support based on their individual circumstances and needs.

Remember, Jobcentre Plus is there to help you find employment, so take advantage of the resources and support they offer.

The services offered by the Jobcentre are not only for job seekers, employers can also use this service to post a job vacancy at the Jobcentre online.

Jobcentre Plus Jobs Search Tools

Find a job using the Universal Jobmatch service - Get help to create a job advert or create a CV, Universal Jobmatch has replaced the old Jobcentre Plus job search tool.