Jobcentre plus Job Interview Tips

Jobcentre plus Job Interview Tips

Research your prospective Employer

Good research is the key to a good interview. You can do this in many ways, such as on the internet or through newspapers and journals, at the library, or through your recruitment consultant. You'll be surprised by of some the things you may find out about any future employer.

Also, be prepared to come back with some responses to possible questions that you may be asked and try to think of a few questions you would like to ask the interviewer about the company and or the position. Try to be knowledgeable about the company

Present Yourself:

Your first impressions are also very important. You most certainly won't get a second chance at making a first impression. So you will need to look, act and dress professionally. A dark suit and tie or skirt and jacket are professional.

Your Interview:

  1. Take a spare copy of your resume to the interview along with copies of your certificates and references.
  2. Arrive at least ten minutes early as interviewers are unimpressed by lateness.
  3. The interview is a two-way discussion so answer questions directly, honestly, and keep it to the point.
  4. Never interrupt, always listen and answer only what is asked. If you want the question repeated don't be afraid to ask.
  5. At the end of your interview, smile and thank the people involved for their time.

Be Confident and don't be afraid to sell yourself.

Good Luck!


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