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Glassdoor UK is a website that provides a range of resources and tools for job seekers, employees, and employers. Founded in 2007, Glassdoor UK has quickly become one of the leading resources for career information, job listings, and company reviews in the United Kingdom.

One of the key features of Glassdoor UK is its database of company reviews. Employees and former employees can anonymously share their experiences working for a company, including their opinions on company culture, leadership, compensation, and more. This information can be incredibly valuable for job seekers who want to gain insights into a company before applying for a job.

In addition to company reviews, Glassdoor UK also provides job listings from a variety of sources, including company career pages and job boards. Users can search for jobs by job title, location, salary, and other relevant criteria. They can also set up job alerts to receive notifications when new jobs that match their criteria are posted.

Glassdoor UK also offers a range of career resources for job seekers, including salary information, interview tips, and career advice. Users can access information on average salaries for different job titles and industries, as well as salary estimates for specific companies based on employee feedback. They can also access interview questions and tips to help them prepare for job interviews.

For employers, Glassdoor UK provides a range of tools to help them manage their employer brand and recruitment process. Employers can create a company profile to showcase their company culture and values, respond to reviews from current and former employees, and manage their job listings and applications.

Overall, Glassdoor UK is a valuable resource for anyone involved in the job search process, providing users with access to valuable insights and resources to help them make informed decisions about their careers. Whether you're a job seeker looking for insights into a company before applying for a job, or an employer looking to manage your employer brand and attract top talent, Glassdoor UK has something to offer.

Glassdoor empowers job seekers with straight from the source insights, reviews, and corner-office intel so you can make your next career move with total confidence

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