Earn from internet research

How to Earn from internet research

Internet businesses that employ researchers

All the companies work the same way: a customer searching for the answer to any random question sends a text to researchers - you - who reply with the answer.

  • The best thing about this work is that you are able to choose the type of questions that you answer
  • You have control of the hours you work.
  • You will most likely have to pass a test before you get an interview.
  • Vacancies are not open all the time, so you'll need to keep checking the sites regularly.

see the sites below for vacancies:

Any Question Answered (AQA)
Goto: Webiste


How much do they pay? You'll probably be paid about 30p a question, some of which can take just a few moments to answer, meaning that once you get up to speed experienced researchers can get up to £2,000 a month